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Vehicle grid integration

Enable more accurate vehicle grid integration by sharing information about grid infrastructure

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Secure data exchange and collaboration for smart city planning and
grid infrastructure

Analyze, simulate, and accelerate plans to add new DERs to the grid.

Coordinating EV charging with grid conditions

Coupled with the deployment of smart grid technologies, vehicle electrification presents automakers with some unique opportunities for grid management and integration. In order to align with existing generating capacity, EV charging must be coordinated with grid conditions. This involves “smart” charging strategies to match load conditions and minimize the risk of exceeding peak load.

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Supporting EV integration and grid benefits

What exactly is vehicle grid integration (VGI)? As the grid grows increasingly bidirectional, VGI refers to the multiple ways in which EVs can provide grid services. For example, a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) energy system allows renewable energy to flow back to the grid from an EV battery, balancing energy production and consumption. There are many other possible use cases and revenue opportunities. 

Intertrust enables EV owners, vehicle makers, and grid operators to more easily integrate EVs with the grid by making energy data securely available for collaboration.

Ensure secure data interoperability

  • Implement secure collaboration between utilities, cities, vehicle makers, and EV companies
  • Easily view assets across entire ecosystem
  • Remove VGI-related barriers and support grid reliability
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Provide full operational visibility

  • Analyze and visualize EV charging needs
  • Improve EV charging performance
  • Optimize investments
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Unified data access control

  • Orchestrate grid data across multiple internal and
    external sources
  • Facilitate full data governance
  • Reduce risks and enable cost savings opportunities for
    grid operators
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Why EV charging infrastructure is critical

How can cities transform their charging infrastructure to enable more robust electrified transportation initiatives? Read this white paper to discover how EV DataOps is accelerating the planning and rollout of EV charging infrastructure.

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Many verticals. One Platform.

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One of the world’s largest distribution system operators partnered with one of the world’s largest automakers in order to improve EV charger and grid planning. They turned to Intertrust for a secure data collaboration and data management platform.

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Energy & utilities

A key challenge with efficient integration of electric vehicles into the distribution grid is controllability. Learn how a major German utility uses Intertrust Platform to balance load spikes caused by mass EV charging.

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Electrification of mobility plays a crucial role in sustainability and emission reduction. Learn how Intertrust is helping promote EV adoption and enabling efficient integration of electric vehicles into the distribution grid.

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