innogy Ventures to discuss how to disrupt HR – The transformation of the employer-employee relationship (4th LINE X Intertrust Security Summit)

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By Elisabeth Kindig


Company culture plays a fundamental role in business performance, but cultural changes often seem impossible due to the length of time it requires to make these shifts and lack of cross-department feasibility. Most importantly, cultural changes are challenging to scale across the organization.

Next week, Roland Hess will discuss how innogy Ventures has improved business performance and achieved over 430 Million Euro in cash flow improvements over the course of the last several years by eliminating the “blocking symptoms” in our culture. As of today, this includes 40,000 employees in 8 countries, across 7 languages, and is performed by over 300 highly skilled New Way of Working (NWoW) experts enabling the whole organization to perform at a higher level.

Roland Hess will discuss how innogy Ventures solved the following issues:

  • What if we can scale culture change?
  • What if there was a tool that would get us to the same results much faster?

Hess will also discuss how Plause.com went onto digitize this methodology into an “organizational” fitness tracker designed to improve employee engagement and to increase overall business performance.

Host Information:

innogy Ventures was founded in 2015 and is active in the sustainable transformation of the energy system. innogy Ventures has built a very strong network within the world’s largest high-tech ecosystem and is actively sourcing high-impact innovations for innogy.

Businesses today depend on data to run efficiently, connect customers, and uncover new opportunities. As data companies with global footprints, LINE and Intertrust have championed a world of connected devices and big data.

Intertrust provides trusted computing products and services to leading global corporations – from mobile and CE manufacturers and service providers to enterprise software platform companies. These products include the world’s leading digital rights management, software tamper resistance and privacy-driven data platforms for ad tech, DNA storage and IoT.

LINE Corporation is dedicated to “Closing the Distance,” operating a range of mobile services and contents that connect people, information, and society. The LINE messaging app was launched in June 2011 and has since grown into a diversified Smart Portal platform, with its consumer and business services used in more than 230 countries and territories.