Intertrust and ampere.cloud Partner to Ensure Secure and Seamless Data Flow to Cloud-Based Renewable Energy Platform

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Intertrust, the world’s leading trusted distributed computing and rights management provider and ampere.cloud, the leading provider of operating systems for renewable energy, revealed today that they are partnering for mutual business co-operation and to integrate the ampere.cloud platform with the Intertrust Platform toolkit. 

Renewable asset owners and operators face significant challenges in data acquisition, data access, data blending, and processing throughout the renewable energy value chain. Considering the current cybersecurity threats the clean energy industry faces, ensuring the security and privacy of this sensitive data is top priority. The partnership between the two companies will provide a seamless, secure, and trusted flow of data from the data source to energy providers applications in the cloud-based commercial and energy market.

The Intertrust Platform toolkit gives energy companies the tools needed to quickly develop critical data-driven applications that are widely used to support their digital operations. These include asset planning, operations and maintenance as well as commercialization. Intertrust Platform’s capabilities simplify data operations that support trusted and secure data collaboration systems. These include data governance, auditing, data virtualization, and real-time database functions. The toolkit provides secure execution support for AI and analytics algorithms, enabling secure access to governed distributed datasets, while respecting local laws and regulations.  

Founded in Berlin in 2019, ampere.cloud is a highly innovative provider of data acquisition and processing technology for solar and wind power plants. Its solutions are a one stop shop for renewable energy providers looking to comprehensively manage the operations, maintenance, and yield optimization of their energy assets. These solutions include cloud.log, the park control and data logger for solar, cloud.vision which constantly monitors plant operations and master data, maintenance and reporting modules, as well as cloud.direct, an online energy trading exchange which enables renewable energy companies and their customers a convenient method to sell and purchase renewable energy. 

“The combination of our asset data capabilities and the depth and experience of Intertrust in secure and trusted data interoperability provide tremendous value to our existing and new customers,” said Florian Strunck, CEO ampere.cloud. “It becomes much easier to use existing data and also blend in additional (external) data sources such as energy market data, weather data, IoT data and information from workflow management systems into one virtual data platform”

“We are very excited to work with ampere.cloud to bring modern and innovative data technologies to renewable energy companies around the world,” said Florian Kolb, Chief Commercial Officer and General Manager Energy Intertrust. “Making solar and wind assets more cost competitive amidst volatile energy markets is vital to the energy transition and reaching the climate goals the world has committed to.”

Connecting renewable assets to wholesale energy markets requires sophisticated planning based on the analysis of multiple data and information sources to make the right decisions at the right time. amper.cloud’s technologies can deliver a single unified view that provides full situational awareness at any given point in time or location. Intertrust’s easy to use data access and governance features dramatically reduces the time to analytics and ‘time to AI,’ further increasing the usefulness of data-driven solutions for customers.

For more information on ampere.cloud, please visit https://www.ampere.cloud/en/. For Intertrust Platform, see https://www.intertrust.com/solutions/energy/

Ampere team

The ampere.cloud team (from left): Frederik Merz (CBDO), Erik Nitschke (CTO) and Florian Strunck (CEO)


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