ITOCHU Techno-Solutions selects Intertrust Platform for greenhouse gas reduction data platform

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By Team Intertrust


Intertrust is honored that ITOCHU Techno-Solutions (CTC),  a leading Japanese systems integration company, selected Intertrust Platform to play a key role in their recently announced GX (shorthand for Green Transformation) Data Platform. GX Data Platform is part of the GX Service series of solutions and services that CTC is introducing to help their Japanese corporate customers achieve their greenhouse gas reduction and carbon neutrality targets.

CTC’s long history of renewable energy solutions began around 1990, with weather data analysis and simulation services.. As a continuation of these services and CTC’s deep experience in the field, GX Service consists of: 

  • GX Solution: A set of technology solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy efficiency.
  • GX Advisory Services: Based on data, these services will support customers’ environmental management goals by creating greenhouse gas reduction scenarios and strategies and other services.
  • GX Data Platform: This data utilization platform collects and manages data from different business units within a company to help facilitate greenhouse gas reduction from the perspective of the entire business. The platform will provide for AI-driven analytics and visualization to help the collaboration process.

Intertrust Platform will operate as the supporting trusted data backbone of the GX Data Platform. The Platform simplifies the process of querying data held by different business units in different formats and physical locations and allows for protected analysis of the data since third-party algorithms are often used for such analytics. Some of the data sources that the GX Data Platform handles will likely not be from one company, but will include data from companies across a company’s supply chain. Intertrust Platform ensures that this data, and any other potentially sensitive data, will only be accessed by authorized people and algorithms. We also provide an extensive auditing function to further document compliance. 

Intertrust Platform is well proven to support this and similar use cases in energy and climate applications. DigiKoo, a subsidiary of the major European energy company E.ON, uses Intertrust Platform to help members of the clean energy ecosystem work smoothly together in a number of applications. These include platforms for anticipating and planning of energy, mobility and heating infrastructure, EV charging infrastructure management, and more. We look forward to supporting CTC and its efforts to help Japanese companies reduce their environmental footprint. 


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