Spring 2018 Line - Intertrust Security Summit

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Data is everywhere…

With computational capabilities in devices, and sensors in things, data is no longer relegated to a closed environment. Our homes, cars, offices, banks, hospitals, utilities, and cities are capable of, and collect our data more intrusively then we’d like or even know. With AI, this data informs our devices and things to provide a more personalized actor-network experience which makes our daily lives more convenient and efficient.

Is data disclosure a fair price to pay for convenience?

Not all data collected goes into the right hands. There’s a risk of data breaches and leaks, of phishing attacks, or more serious ones like identity thefts or hacking into people’s bank accounts, smart homes, or connected cars.

New threats require new measures

Analytics, using either traditional statistical and heuristic-based methods or more advanced methods such as AI and deep learning, can improve the accuracy, automation, and speed of fraud detection. Companies have to take on additional responsibility of policing data from breaches or going into the wrong hands, while maintaining a good user experience.

The new data company

With data becoming the most valuable resource, and laws like GDPR going into effect in May 2018, at least some data management is mandatory for all companies.

Companies face a number of issues as they search for the best approaches in this field:

  • How do they control this technology and what approaches should they use for working with users?
  • How can they achieve high accuracy, automation, decrease in false positives, and speed up fraud detection?
  • How far can the industry keep up with the advances in data analysis techniques and methods used for new fraudulent techniques by spammers and other abusers such as “advanced escape routes?”
  • To what extent can companies provide data to third party fraud detection service providers?
  • How should companies interact with public policy when using data for fraud detection?

To help address these issues, discussions across industries are imperative. Focusing on the relationships between security, user privacy, and data, we will gather experts active in each field to explore these subjects in an impactful manner. Our goal is for all participants to deepen their understanding of this theme and participate in a meaningful discussion.


May 17th, 2018
Conference from 10:00-18:30
Cocktail party from 19:00


Shinjuku Miraina Tower
15th floor Auditorium Hall
4 Chome-1-6 Shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo



Takeshi Nakayama, LINE CISO


Talal Shamoon, Intertrust CEO


Wu Kuo-Wei, Chunghwa Telecom Board member, ICANN former Board member


Prof. Tatsuya Harada, The University of Tokyo

Lunch (1 hour)


Clarence Chio, Security Data Scientist


Kenji Aiko, LINE Corp.

Break (10 min)


Kanatoko (Tadashi Sato), Bitforest Corp


Prof. Kanta Matsuura, The University of Tokyo

Break (10 min)


Dr. Kenny Huang, APNIC Executive Council Member


Tomas Sander, Intertrust Technologies

Break (15 min)


Talk Session (40 min)



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