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Expand your media footprint in this new era of content distribution.

Evolving media distribution and monetization models need a new form of digital rights management, one that is uniquely able to preserve trust, rights, and ownership.

Today's consumers want more than just subscriptions, they want to be part of then entire value chain, from consumption, exchange, to sharing sharing and trading. This shift is fueling new opportunities, for artists, creators, and distributors alike.

The art of managing media rights

Media platforms can now use cutting-edge technology to manage and enforce rights across different channels and devices using Intertrust's web3.0-based Token Rights Management (TRM) and digital rights management (DRM).

Intertrust TRM™ enables secure and profitable distribution of digital assets and introduces new monetization models from NFTs, fractional ownership and resale, as well as creating and managing digital twins of physical objects like luxury goods, while our traditional Multi-DRM protects digital content from unauthorized access, copying, and distribution.

Backed by more than 10 years experience protecting over 2 billion devices, the Intertrust PKI service makes it easy to embed rich, agile, and secure IoT device identities.

"With Intertrust’s TRM platform, our Roadstead marketplace provides authenticated content in a safe environment with features that go well beyond buying and selling NFTs.”

Misaki Kawamura, Founder and CEO, Nekojarashi


Experts in trusted media

Intertrust is the trusted partner for the media & entertainment industry in combating fraud and piracy in the digital landscape. Our cloud-based and studio-trusted multi-DRM service has deployed over 20 billion licenses on 2 billion devices annually.

Pioneering the future of media

Unlock your media potential with rights management that lets creators & rights holders control their digital assets securely.

Innovative media rights management

Deliver secure and reliable content across Web3 and media channels—ensuring appropriate user access anytime, anywhere.

Trusted partner for DRM and Web3

ExpressPlay is the top choice of premier video service providers and industry leaders. Use MarketMaker to create cutting-edge Web3 marketplaces.

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