Top 4 Ways to Protect Cryptographic Keys

Cryptography is the foundation of data security for the millions of digital assets and services we use today, enabling secure communication, strong authentication and the protection of confidential information. Bill Horne, Ph.D., Vice President and General Manager at Intertrust Secure Systems, explores the importance of protecting cryptographic keys and the methods used for doing so.

Intertrust, Friend MTS extend streaming piracy fight

DRM technology specialist Intertrust and content protection service provider Friend MTS are extending their partnership agreement that enhances Intertrust’s ExpressPlay content protection platform with Friend MTS anti-piracy and watermarking technology services.

Intertrust and Friend MTS Extend Partnership to Fight Video Streaming Piracy

Intertrust’s ExpressPlay Offers Award-Winning Friend MTS Anti-Piracy and Watermarking Technology Services to Protect Live OTT Streaming and Broadcast Delivery

The rise of unified content protection

The rise in OTT platforms and IP delivery has diminished the relevance of legacy CAS technology, which was optimised for one-way broadcast networks. The future lies in solutions that secure your content across multiple platforms, says Bo Ferm.

Intertrust Partners with Worldreader to Improve Reading Literacy and Access in Uganda

Worldreader Leads Joint Program with Cheshire Services Uganda to Bring Digital Reading Solution to Underserved and Disabled Children Across the Kampala Region

A Secure Data Sharing Platform Alleviates Feasibility Study Bottlenecks

German utility innogy SE created an automated grid information access platform. The job of the distribution grid planner has become more challenging in recent years. Three interrelated forces are contributing to this situation.

Can Applications Withstand the ZombieLoad Attack?

As if Meltdown, Spectre and Foreshadow were not enough, recently a new critical vulnerability called ZombieLoad has been discovered that affects a series of modern Intel processors. This vulnerability enables a potential attacker to read small pieces of information from various programs running on the same computer, taking advantage of a special feature of the Intel chip called speculative execution.

Surveillance Capitalism in the New Data Economy

Do privacy and data ethics stand a chance against today’s data economy that seeks to exploit and profit from personal data at every turn? In a 1995 interview with Inc. magazine, Kurt Vonnegut conjectured: “The information superhighway will be two lanes with tollgates, and it’s going to tell you what to look for. People will just watch the show.” Today, we’re not that far off from Vonnegut’s predicted dystopia.

Truth, Trust, and Deepfakes

Dave Maher, CTO of internet security company Intertrust, shares his deep knowledge of digital communication, identity management, data rights management, cryptography and digital certificates, blockchain, and much else.

Intertrust to secure contactless card payments on Felix system

Felix Payment System Security Assured with Intertrust whiteCryption

Felix Payment System Security Assured with Intertrust whiteCryption®