OMRON Healthcare Selects Intertrust Platform to Comprehensively Manage Globally Deployed System Operations

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With Intertrust Platform, OMRON Healthcare can enhance its customer-focused operations with global log data from critical systems without moving the data from its current locations


TOKYO & SAN FRANCISCO — February 9, 2023 Intertrust, the world’s leading trusted distributed computing and rights management provider, today announced that OMRON Healthcare Co., Ltd.  selected Intertrust’s cutting edge trusted data management technology Intertrust Platform to securely govern system log data worldwide for OMRON’s OMRON connect healthcare data mobile app service, used by approximately 4.6 million users worldwide. 


OMRON connect provides OMRON Healthcare’s personal medical device customers with a convenient mobile app to help manage the health data collected from their devices. Access status of the supporting systems is output as system logs, which are distributed to operating regions around the world for security reasons. Leveraging the use of Intertrust PlatformTM to centralize cross-management of output system log data, OMRON Healthcare is now able to virtually aggregate and analyze large volumes of distributed output log data without the additional expense and risk of moving the data to a centralized data repository. The company will also use Intertrust Platform to combine the virtually aggregated log data with other types of data sources such as databases and visualize the combined data while securely governing access to it. With the integration, OMRON Healthcare will gain trusted, reliable, customer-focused and comprehensive real-time monitoring and analyses for their worldwide system operations. 


“Visualizing our worldwide IT operations in a single digital view is an important strategy for us to provide efficient, centralized, and high-quality operations while maintaining secure distributed operations. Using Intertrust PlatformTM is a reliable way to achieve security and efficiency for our log storage,” said Naoto Ashida, OMRON Healthcare’s General Manager.


“We are honored to enable OMRON Healthcare to manage sensitive, distributed data sets across their organization,” said Yutaka Nagao, Intertrust’s Senior Vice President, Technology Initiatives & Managing Director Intertrust Japan. 


Major corporations around the world use Intertrust Platform for device and data interoperability. Intertrust’s flagship product provides enterprises with secure and seamless interoperability for distributed data services that allows enterprises with diverse data sets held in locations such as cloud, data warehouses, and databases, to operate as one system. In addition, the technology allows for code-once, run anywhere capabilities, compliance with regulatory requirements, and faster time to AI. Intertrust Platform’s ability to provide consistent scalable security for IoT and data operations is unique and essential on today’s Internet.



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