Transforming Data-Driven Energy with Intertrust

Ensuring Digital Trust – The Fight Against Deepfakes

The online world is currently plagued by Deepfakes, malware, as well as fake news and more. It is now more important than ever to find ways to establish identity and trust. The data economy must seek ways to build on data and trust.

Intertrust marks DRM milestone, signs up Fransat and HD+

Fransat and HD+, TV Leaders in France and Germany, Adopt Intertrust’s Revolutionary XCA Platform

Intertrust Roars Past 2 Billion Devices With OTT Content Protection for One-Quarter of the Globe

Regulations are driving innovation toward an identity layer on the Internet

The mind of the payment crook provides clues for the fight

It’s important to investigate the mindset of a cybercriminal and explore the attack tools they typically use before discussing the ways of solving the problem.

Banks will feel the pain from mobile payment fraud

Although the popularity of mobile technologies has greatly simplified day-to-day financial operations for end users, it has given attackers a new opportunity for attack.

Intertrust Recognized in the Gartner Market Guide for In-App Protection for the Third Year in a Row

whiteCryption Secure Key Box (SKB) Adds TLS Support for End-to-End Data Security across Networks

whiteCryption, app shielding pioneer and Intertrust subsidiary today announced that whiteCryption Secure Key Box™ (SKB) for Transport Layer Security (TLS) is available for app developers.

Is There Any Stopping Tech’s Big Four From Monopolizing User Data?

"According to Intertrust CEO Talal Shamoon, the company’s technology creates a protective environment within consumer devices – for example, computers, smart home controllers and other internet-connected appliances. Says Shamoon, Intertrust’s Modulus technology provides a lightweight layer that wraps itself around sensitive data. When used correctly, Intertrust technology provides secure interoperability."

Intertrust Mentioned in Japanese Article about Digitization in the Energy Industry