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Intertrust CleanGrid

Raise efficiencies and maximize investment value with CleanGrid Energy Solutions


Shorten your planning cycles by up to 90%

Complete application suite for the energy value chain

CleanGrid is an Intertrust Platform-powered toolkit to develop applications for data-driven DER integration planning, renewable energy O&M, retail energy marketplaces, and more. Build applications that use sensitive grid data to optimize asset planning, lower your soft costs, and shorten your project planning cycles.

Explore CleanGrid applications:

Intertrust EV DataOps™

Tools for energy companies, utilities, or city planners to view, study, and plan EV charging infrastructure.

Intertrust Grid DataOps™

Tools to blend, analyze, and cooperatively plan electrical grid, municipal, and other infrastructure.

Intertrust Retail DataOps™

A controlled marketplace for energy retailers and partners offering consumer products and services.

One-stop toolkit for building secure, trusted energy data applications

Intertrust CleanGrid is built on Intertrust Platform, the industry-leading platform for data protection and trusted governance

Create your own energy data-driven marketplaces

Intertrust CleanGrid applications enable energy companies to establish their own data hubs and commercial marketplaces and more easily enable partner-created products.

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Share data in governed, rights-managed sandboxes

Confidently partner with data analytics providers and securely run third-party algorithms, while protecting all IP and data rights.

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Access data anywhere, regardless of format or location

Energy data is sensitive—it needs to be secured and is bound by regulations. Data resides in multiple databases, clouds, and formats. Secure and protect your data, while also improving data interoperability.

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Using data to reduce CO2 emissions

Find out how Intertrust is helping German utilities securely share grid data to support EV charging station planning and reduce CO2 emissions.

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Using data to reduce CO<sub>2</sub> emissions

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