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Intertrust Powerboard

Optimize your renewable energy operations.

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Shorten your planning cycles by up to 90%

Harnessing data to optimize renewable energy

Offshore wind farms process immense amounts of data, including real-time performance information coming from turbine SCADA systems, general weather reports, industrial sensor data from marine systems, and more. 

Having an integrated approach to collect, harmonize, visualize, and make sense of all this disparate data is paramount.

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Transforming on-shore and offshore wind
farm operations

Intertrust Powerboard™ is a robust data intelligence solution that blends, analyzes, and visualizes real-time time series and other equipment data. Powerboard offers next-generation data management to identify and address the common challenges preventing efficient and secure renewable data operations.

With Powerboard, you can provide data-driven, actionable insights for all stakeholders within your organization, including O&M, finance, project management, and executives.

Improve operational efficiencies

  • Combine real-time operational data, third-party datasets, and advanced analytics to deliver interactive views for your entire organization
  • Improve safety, forecasting, and trading
  • Increase power production revenue
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Optimize asset planning

  • Calculate turbine performance and assess cost impact in real time
  • Integrate, display, and analyze data from across the enterprise, including SCADA, ERP, and CMMS systems
  • Ingest, blend, store, and visualize operational metrics for multi-site monitoring, reporting, data exchange, and collaboration
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Reduce operation & maintenance costs

  • Understand real-time relationship between production output, service, and other activities
  • Easily compare the performance of the various offshore wind farms in the fleet. 
  • Drill down into the data to spot  any underlying issues and take proactive action to prevent a systems failure, in real time
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Monitoring real-time data to optimize operations

RWE Renewables partnered with Intertrust to boost power outputs, raise efficiencies, and reduce costs at its offshore UK wind farms.

Case study: RWE Renewables

Increased profitability and safety

Improved operational efficiencies

Gained visualizations with interactive analyses

Boosted competitive position

 Case study: RWE Renewables thumbnail
Case study: RWE Renewables logo

"Powerboard is a best-in-class program that's allowing us to improve the various operational and systems aspects of our offshore businesses."

Justin Grimwade,
Business Information Manager, RWE Renewables

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