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Intertrust Data Governance

Securely share data and collaborate with key stakeholders, partners, and customers—all while maintaining strict permissions and compliance.

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Governed data analytics environments on virtualized datasets

Learn how Intertrust data governance enables secure data access and permissions

internally and across organizations and stakeholders.

Securely share data with partners, customers, and key stakeholders.

Meet the challenge of ever-changing regulations and complex business ecosystems with Intertrust Data Governance. Our holistic approach lets you manage data across a variety of data types, including time series, metadata, and n-dimensional arrays.

Maintain business compliance and provide trusted, granular data access to enable secure collaboration for a wide variety of data stakeholders and data scientists. 

Intertrust Data Governance provides a centralized set of standards, policies, and rules for how data gets collected, processed, and used. Data is managed for the sake of secure data storage, data integrity, and data access. Gain greater collaboration and accountabilitywith higher data quality that’s protected against today’s risks and threats.

Securely share data with partners, customers, and key stakeholders. under hero graphic

Bring data under control and keep it safe

Protect your data from improper usage, disasters, and cybercriminals. Share your data securely, seamlessly, and without disruptions or surprises.

Provide consistent, secure data access

  • Enable trusted, interoperable access across all data assets 
  • Keep data secure from external and internal threats
  • Maintain data usability and availability
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Ensure data compliance

  • Enforce complex business requirements and rules
  • Ensure user accountability and foster collaboration
  • Enable fine-grained auditing, monitoring, and control
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Maintain data quality

  • Maintain strict access control without duplication or migration
  • Preserve data integrity and consistency 
  • Conduct continuous maintenance and system monitoring
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Intertrust Data Governance in action

Establishing a data governance framework is essential for maintaining business compliance, and a primary element for making data available, usable, and secure. Intertrust Data Governance supports business processes and new business models that rely on interoperability and trust.

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Intertrust Data Governance maintains vehicle owner data rights in the development and deployment of data science models that predict customer traffic at automobile service centers.

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Smart cities

Smart city planners and officials are turning to Intertrust to help create a trusted data exchange ecosystem that can allow secure data collaboration, aggregation, virtualization, and governance tools. 

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E.ON uses the Intertrust Platform to navigate strict data governance regulations and enable timely and effective data sharing between multiple partners. The Intertrust Platform enforces fine-grained rules and policies governing data access to ensure all of the operations and processes are compliant. 

Develop predictive analytics models and share with trusted partners

One of the world’s largest automakers is using Intertrust Platform to create a trusted data exchange ecosystem that enables collaboration with partners for innovative application development.


Robust in-house application development without data warehousing.

Full control over entities sharing and using internal data.

Full adherence to data governance and access management policies.

Full audit reporting for data privacy compliance.

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Governed data analytics environments on virtualized datasets

Unlike data warehouses or data lakes, the Intertrust Platform does not require data to be moved or copied. The Platform centralizes governance over any connected data source.

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