For a new era of commerce

Intertrust Platform enables businesses to securely and efficiently manage distributed data and devices at scale, no matter the location, format, or type—giving them the freedom to build the next-generation of value-added apps and services.

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We use Intertrust Platform to bring data together in a highly trusted and highly secure way, enabling digital tools which help solve existing and future challenges.

Benjamin Jambor, Director Regional Grids and Product Management

When every bit matters

The rise of big data and IoT has fundamentally transformed the nature of today’s business interactions. Transactions are increasingly multi-party, information is frequently distributed, and vast amounts of data pour in from a variety of connected smart devices, both personal and commercial.

How can you securely manage all of these disparate ecosystems, while maintaining a competitive edge? How do you harness the power of your data, ensure sensitive information stays safe, and facilitate secure online collaboration?

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Connect everything. Build anything.

Intertrust Platform is an interoperability layer for all your diverse datasets and devices, from edge to cloud.

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Protect the data, not the wires

Intertrust invented and uses data rights management, to protect data throughout its lifecycle.

Unlike data warehouses or data lakes, Intertrust Platform does not require data to be moved or copied. The Platform operates with existing data stores using data virtualization.

Learn more about data warehousing-as-a-service vs. Intertrust Platform.

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One platform that sets you free

Any cloud, data,
or format.

Intertrust facilitates multi-organization collaboration. Easily share data, whether stored on-premises, or in a cloud service such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

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Share anywhere,
always on your terms.

Securely facilitate governed data exchanges between partners, analytics vendors, and service providers to unlock new value in your data.

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Your data,
your business.

Secure governance and data virtualization bring analytics to your data, so your data never travels. Data is always protected, even when shared over the internet or an open platform.

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Build the next wave of value-added services.

From app stores, to plug-in analytics, to data marketplaces, Intertrust lets you create customizable services tailored to your industry.

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Thanks to our valuable partnership with Intertrust, not only is our data safe and shareable, we never lose control of it.

Peter Mathis, Managing Director

Your toolkit for data-driven business

Intertrust Platform is a collection of microservices deployed as Docker containers orchestrated by Kubernetes.

Toolkit for data-driven business

Platform features

Intertrust’s solution gives you a powerful toolkit to future-proof your business–from rights management to interoperability–across any system or cloud infrastructure.

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Data Governance

Our platform-based data governance ensures that all data requests are subject to rights and permissions. Users can only access the data they need and are authenticated to, and nothing more, modeling contractual obligations between entities.

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Intertrust Secure Execution Environments

Intertrust enables you to confidently partner with data analytics providers in isolated containers. It allows third-party algorithms to run securely on shared data and automatically protects IP or data rights.

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Intertrust Data Virtualization Services

Unlike data warehouses and data lakes, Intertrust does not need you to copy or migrate your data. Intertrust allows you to query, process, and analyze the data where it already is, in place, while making sure that whatever is processing the data is in a controlled environment and cannot make a copy at all.

Platform in action

From energy to smart home IoT, and from e-mobility to insurance, Intertrust fosters secure data collaboration to help grow your business, without compromising the integrity of the underlying data.

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Energy and Utilities

Deregulation, the rise of renewables, and IoT devices have raised new challenges for the energy industry. Learn more about Intertrust’s solutions for energy utilities, renewables, and energy retail.

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Smart Home IoT

The modern home is filled with smart, connected products. Learn how to consolidate and deliver secure data-driven home IoT services using Intertrust.

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Electrified transportation is fundamental to addressing climate change. See how Intertrust is helping promote EV adoption and accelerate EV charging station installations.

Platform products

Platform Component products

Technologies that make up the Intertrust Platform

Application Shielding icon

Application Shielding

An advanced, cross-platform application shielding security suite to protect software applications, mobile apps, and IoT devices that defend against reverse engineering, tampering, and IP theft.

Data Governance icon

Data Governance

Fine-grained, secure policy and data rights management for access control across multiple data repositories (cloud or on-premises), data types, and data formats.

Managed PKI icon

Managed PKI

Root key generation and management, certificate hierarchies, certificate revocation lists and mechanisms for compromised devices, certificate signing requests, credential management, secure key archiving and disaster recovery through a user-friendly, web-based ordering and management system.

Secure Data Virtualization icon

Secure Data Virtualization

Query, process, and analyze virtualized datasets and databases. Set data object definitions, permissions, restrictions, and access enforcement, using secure data interfaces without copying or migrating your data, eliminating risk.

Secure Execution Environments icon

Secure Execution Environments

Facilitates a secure, network-isolated analytics development sandbox allowing third-party algorithms to run securely while protecting all IP, data rights, and privileges. Performs computations on governed data without having to relocate it, in secure, network-isolated Kubernetes containers.

Time Series Database icon

Time Series Database

A cost-effective, cloud-native, efficient, compressed, scalable, time-series database that is automatically multi-tiering, supporting fast, low-latency access to recent data and cheaper storage of older data.

Platform Application products

Integrated apps built in the Intertrust Platform

ExpressPlay DRM icon

ExpressPlay DRM

Seamless DRM interoperability for securing high value streaming services.

Device Identity Management icon

Device Identity Management

Cryptographic device identity provisioning, either directly where the devices are manufactured or in the field through scalable cloud provisioning.

Climate Data Services icon

Climate Data Services

Streamlined access to high-quality weather, climate, and environmental data from the world’s leading providers.

Energy Data Operations icon

Energy Data Operations

Governed data execution, exchange and collaboration on diverse datasets for renewable energy, utilities, and retail energy industries.

Secure Home IoT icon

Secure Home IoT

Consolidate multiple apps and databases to control multiple home IoT devices using a trusted IoT data exchange platform.

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