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End-to-end persistent protection with Intertrust XPN

As the number of sensor and actuator IoT devices explode, the attack surface has grown exponentially. Unfortunately, IoT devices are optimized for size, battery consumption, and cost—not security. To make things worse, IoT field area networks are notoriously insecure.

To counter these issues, Intertrust offers a true end-to-end overlay of trusted data to keep data, devices, and device commands secure. This is especially important for today’s IoT, where devices are increasingly used to manage mission critical, real-time systems.

With XPN, protection extends well beyond typical connection-oriented protocols, where you try to protect the “data pipe.” Trust is extended from when a sensor actually generates the data through to the ultimate consumption of that data. This persistent protection is essential for industrial, home, and energy applications.

Read this white paper to learn more about protecting your IoT assets and how Intertrust XPN enables data trust across IoT networks.

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