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Connect, control, collaborate.

The Intertrust Data Catalog lets you connect, manage, query, and share your data with anyone.

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Create an organized inventory of your company’s data assets that’s secure and governed.

Discover, organize, manage, and share data, regardless of its location or format

All the hype around digital transformation, AI/ML-based data analytics and DataOps is about one thing: getting to the insights contained in the data faster.

Intertrust Data Catalog helps decision makers collect, organize, access, and enrich metadata to understand their data faster.

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Analysts spend 76% of their time locating, accessing, and understanding data.


Discover and access the right data faster

Create a single source of truth for all your data. Connect to any database, create customized data (sub)sets, and operationalize your data assets.

Query data wherever it resides

  • Using data virtualization, run intelligent queries at the data source, minimizing data movement.
  • Access only relevant data with pre-authorized users and roles, regardless of data format or location.
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Create customized datasets

  • Using intelligent, authenticated queries, create new datasets for downstream users.
  • Eliminate access latency due to batched ETL jobs.
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Securely share your data

  • Easily create datasets for your analysts and data scientists.
  • Enable collaboration with internal and external partners without exposing your data.
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Adding value to
data management

Learn how to enable agile, vendor-agnostic, composable, and faster DataOps using governed data virtualization and secure analytics development.

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Many verticals. One Platform.

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A major automotive OEM optimized their services division and created new data-driven business models by leveraging the Intertrust Data Catalog to streamline their predictive analytics workflows.

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Energy & Utilities

For energy generators, distributors and retailers, data is now as important as the electrons they manage. Learn more about Intertrust’s solutions for energy.

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Electrified transportation is fundamental to addressing climate change. See how Intertrust is helping promote EV adoption and accelerate EV charging station installations. Read the white paper:

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