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Energy and Utilities

Learn how energy companies and utilities can use grid data to better plan and manage energy-related resources.

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Shorten your planning cycles by up to 90%

Solving new challenges for the energy industry

Deregulation, renewables, and connected IoT systems are creating a perfect storm for today’s energy industry. Strict business requirements, competing stakeholders, and complex regulations are just a few of the challenges that lie ahead.
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Plan, accelerate, and interconnect data across the energy ecosystem

To harness the transformative potential of their data, organizations in the energy industry must make data-driven collaboration simpler. They need a trusted platform to provide interoperability, streamline access, and ensure robust security.

The Intertrust Platform ties together numerous capabilities important to multiple stakeholders within the energy ecosystem.

Drive efficiency and collaboration

  • Manage multiple databases, private/public clouds, and data formats
  • Lower soft costs and streamline deployments
  • Shorten project planning cycles by up to 90%
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Optimize asset planning

  • Calculate grid performance and assess cost impact in real time
  • Implement trusted data sharing for specific datasets and applications
  • Easily share sensitive grid data
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Facilitate governed data exchanges

  • Implement rights-managed access for multiple parties
  • Honor all data access rights, maintain data security, and manage a full audit trail
  • Ensure complete data governance and maintain GDPR protections
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The digital utility: ensuring success in a multi-stakeholder environment

To survive and prosper in today’s market, power utilities are undergoing a digital transformation. As part of this shift, utilities are realizing they need to focus on data management. Learn what today’s utilities are doing to become digital and why data management and the benefits of working with a trusted data platform provider is critical.

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Many verticals. One Platform.

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Leading energy companies are raising efficiencies and reducing costs by using trusted data intelligence. Learn how RWE Renewables partnered with Intertrust to optimize its offshore wind farms.
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Energy and utilities

For energy generators, distributors, and retailers, data is now as important as the electrons they manage. Learn more about the importance of data management and Intertrust’s solutions for energy.
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City governments

Blend and process utility, grid assets, infrastructure, customer demographics, parking, and DER location or usage pattern data from multiple data stores. Plan with new agility and intelligence.

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