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EV DataOps

Tools for energy companies, utilities, or city planners to view, study, and plan EV charging infrastructure.

EV DataOps

Data-driven planning for EV charging stations

Find out how Intertrust is helping German utilities securely

share grid data to support EV charging station planning.

Want to speed up EV charger network installation?

CleanGrid: EV DataOps is a solution for cities, municipalities, or energy distributors to view, study, plan, and install EV charging infrastructure faster.

It is an intuitive, visual application that uses the Intertrust Platform to layer city, e-mobility, GIS, and other information to plan new charger installations, gain consensus, get crowdsourced information, and calculate performance and costs in real time. 


With EV DataOps, cities, municipalities, and energy distributors can:

  • Rapidly build DER interconnection solutions.
  • Ingest, blend and analyze geographic, grid, and municipal infrastructure information.
  • View publicly available and protected, private datasets.
  • View existing and planned EV chargers.
  • Plan new EV chargers by location, with costs and performance analyses in real time.
  • Track EV mobility information on maps.
  • Securely share custom datasets and analyses with partners within city planning offices and other legal, municipal, or EPC officials.
Example view of existing EV chargers with customizable filters

Example view of existing EV chargers with customizable filters

Plan new connections, with real-time costs and performance options

Plan new connections, with real-time costs and performance options

EV automaker and grid company collaborate on network expansions

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Accelerating EV charger network planning and installation

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