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IoT DataOps

Versatile, agile, and trusted edge-to-multicloud device and data protection.

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Intertrust IoT DataOps solutions offer edge-to-cloud security, trust and protected data processing environments.

Complete IoT management, from device provisioning and authentication, to persistent data protection

  • Versatile public key infrastructure (PKI) and scalable certificate authority
  • Identification and Authorization
  • Secure data virtualization
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Unparalleled data protection and interoperability for all your IoT data

Intertrust Platform provides the foundational data management solutions to securely connect, protect, and mass ingest data. Analyze and share insights, from any source to any destination.

Versatile PKI-based device protection and secure identities

Get flexible PKI provisioning to match your business needs at every stage. Intertrust delivers cryptographically secure identities directly to devices on the factory floor, or in the field through scalable cloud services.

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Identification and authorization

Once ingested, Intertrust Identity and Access Management authenticates and authorizes users and apps inside the Intertrust Platform.

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Vendor-agnostic, secure data virtualization

Avoid mass data transfers, lower risks, and reduce costs by querying data at its source.

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The benefits of secure data virtualization

An agile, vendor-agnostic, and composable comprehensive data management solution can accelerate monetization from all of your data. Find out how to get data securely from anywhere, in any format, using data virtualization. Modernize existing data warehouse assets and make data available for processing in secure containers. Easily collaborate and share data with multiple stakeholders.

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Connect. Protect. Collaborate.

Intertrust IoT data management solutions are used in many verticals and industries.

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A major automotive OEM optimized their services division and created new data-driven business models by leveraging the Intertrust Data Catalog to streamline their predictive analytics workflows.

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Energy & Utilities

For energy generators, distributors and retailers, data is now as important as the electrons they manage. Learn more about Intertrust’s solutions for energy.

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Electrified transportation is fundamental to addressing climate change. See how Intertrust is helping promote EV adoption and accelerate EV charging station installations. Read the white paper:

Monitoring real-time data to optimize operations

RWE Renewables partnered with Intertrust to boost power outputs, raise efficiencies, and reduce costs at its offshore UK wind farms.

Case study: RWE Renewables

Increased profitability and safety

Improved operational efficiencies

Gained visualizations with interactive analyses

Boosted competitive position

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"Powerboard is a best-in-class program that's allowing us to improve the various operational and systems aspects of our offshore businesses."

Justin Grimwade,

Business Information Manager, RWE Renewables

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