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Smart Home

Data integration, trusted identities, compliance, and governance for a smart home IoT ecosystem.

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Create a trusted IoT device ecosystem that is
based on the integrity and authenticity of data

Facing new challenges for the energy industry

With an exponential increase in the number of connected devices within the smart home, how do you connect and govern sensitive information–to protect both manufacturers and consumers?

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Your trusted platform for home IoT data

Intertrust’s smart home technologies support data interoperability between datasets from devices across multiple channels and manufacturers. The open ecosystem allows smart home partners to build and protect customer interfaces.

Trust the integrity and authenticity of data and IoT devices and as you govern data access and maintain compliance for both internal and external data consumers.

Ensure data and device interoperability

Experience the most flexible, scalable, standards-based – platform for device identity, data interoperability and secure communications.

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Govern and protect data

Offer secure, governed access to Smart Home data for all downstream consumers and device and service partners.

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Smart home IoT at scale

Support over 300,000 Smart Home controllers, 600 million device activity logs, and 150GB of data per day.

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Many verticals. One Platform.

Intertrust IoT data management solutions are used in many verticals and industries.

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A major automotive OEM optimized their services division and created new data-driven business models by leveraging the Intertrust Data Catalog to streamline their predictive analytics workflows.

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Energy and Utilities

For energy generators, distributors and retailers, data is now as important as the electrons they manage. Learn more about Intertrust’s solutions for energy.

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Electrified transportation is fundamental to addressing climate change. See how Intertrust is helping promote EV adoption and accelerate EV charging station installations.