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Planet OS Datahub by Intertrust

Streamlined access to high-quality weather, environmental, and climate data from the world’s leading data providers

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Shorten your planning cycles by up to 90%

Streamline data integration

Organizations who depend on Earth science data for their analyses and applications often struggle with data integration. Data exists in undocumented interfaces, outdated formats, and broken integration scripts. These researchers, developers, and scientists need a way to streamline the data integration process and reduce operational overhead.

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A world of data at your fingertips

The Planet OS by Intertrust Datahub makes it easy to build data-driven applications and analyses. Datahub provides consistent, programmatic access to high-quality climate datasets from the world’s leading providers. It enables custom application development and enriched data analysis for a variety of industries. 

With Datahub, you can focus on delivering value for your customers with data-driven insights.

Improve operational efficiencies

  • Easy-to-use data discovery and integration framework 
  • Seamlessly scale up for big datasets
  • Consistent access to business-critical data
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Empower data workflows

  • Easily access dataset metadata and data value with the Datahub REST API 
  • Query data by time, location, and variable
  • Enable custom application development
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