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Application shielding for financial services

Protect encryption keys and shield financial applications from tampering and reverse engineering so they run securely in zero-trust environments.

Application shielding for financial services

How secure are financial mobile apps in 2021?

New research audits more than 150 payment, banking, trading, and lending apps to uncover the top security vulnerabilities.

Financial apps in a zero-trust world

Financial services are the number one target for cyberattacks. Attackers reverse engineer applications to steal secret keys, credentials, and sensitive information. Beyond theft of funds, institutions face brand damage, regulatory fines, and loss of customer trust.

Make sure your financial apps run securely, even in untrusted environments. Use whiteCryption application shielding technologies, so your app brings security with it.

Financial apps in a zero-trust world

Reduce risk of data leakage and fraud

whiteCryption secures financial services applications, secret keys, and sensitive data stored inside those applications.

Secure transactions and cardholder data

The convenience of digital applications cannot come at the price of transaction, PIN, and card data security. PCI Data Security Standards govern any system using and managing cardholder and transaction data and are enforced across all major card brands. whiteCryption tools help deliver compliant solutions while reducing your risk of fraud and loss.

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Protect customer information

Your customers need to trust that their information will remain secure as they access your services from any device. Regulations such as GDPR demand it. Every app and operating system has vulnerabilities—whiteCryption application protections make sure that cybercriminals can't exploit them to extract customer data and secrets.

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Achieve compliance

Regulations vary among countries and constantly evolve, such as PCI-DSS, EMV, and GDPR. Compliance issues can incur fines and delay time to market. whiteCryption application shielding and key protections help you meet and exceed regulations without adding to development time.

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Leading financial services firms trust whiteCryption

whiteCryption tools protect financial services applications across the board including mobile payments and wallets, digital banking, and mobile point-of-sale solutions.

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PCI’s latest mPOS standards, CPoC and SPoC, reduce the reliance on secure external hardware. Application shielding and strong key protection with white-box cryptography are now essential to keep card data, PIN, transaction data, and keys safe.

whiteCryption Code Protection and Secure Key box secure many of the world’s leading mPOS solutions.

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Mobile payments

Third party mobile wallets rely on software based protection to secure keys, credentials, PIN codes, transaction data and tokenized cards. Protecting apps from reverse engineering, and keeping keys safe, from extraction are essential to reduce financial loss and brand damage.

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Digital banking

As mobile and online banking apps mature, with capabilities like setting up accounts, biometrics, and check scanning, the need for high grade application shielding and key protection rises. Developers cannot rely on OS protection; they have to assume mobile phones and PCs cannot be trusted and embed appropriate protection into their applications.

Secure financial apps without compromising time to market

Felix Payments gains competitive advantage by protecting its innovative mobile point-of-sale apps with whiteCryption.

Case study: Felix payments

Secure the payment system from reverse engineering and tampering

Ensure encryption keys are protected at all times

Meet and exceed card brand and PCI security guidelines and compliance restrictions

Protect cloud platform as well as mobile client

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Taking steps to protect financial mobile applications

Learn about the most common attacks on mobile financial applications and how application shielding and key protection increase application security.

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Taking steps to protect financial mobile applications

Industry leading solutions for application and key protection

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Make your apps self-defending

whiteCryption Code Protection provides enterprise-grade in-app protection, including advanced obfuscation, anti-tamper technologies, integrity checks, and runtime application self-protection (RASP).

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Protect your keys

whiteCryption Secure Key Box (SKB) delivers advanced white-box cryptography to ensure secrets and keys remain protected at all times, even when they are being used. Suitable for use with both native and web applications.

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