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Application shielding for healthcare

Secure medical apps and keys from attack, protect intellectual property and patient data, ensure regulatory compliance.

Application shielding for healthcare

Security report on mobile medical and healthcare apps

How secure are global mHealth apps?

We analyzed 100 Android and iOS apps to find the top security flaws.

Smart technologies need smart application security

Smart technologies help healthcare organizations increase the quality of medical service, improve patient outcomes and satisfaction, and contain costs. They also bring greatly increased security risks.

Healthcare organizations are attacked at more than double the average rate of other industries and have the highest average cost per breach. Attackers reverse engineer applications to steal secret keys, credentials, intellectual property, and sensitive information. whiteCryption embeds advanced security protections into your app to make it self-defending.

Smart technologies need smart application security

Protect apps and devices from breaches and tampering

Shield your healthcare applications, protect encrypted communications, and embed secure medical device identities.

Secure medical and health data

The convenience of digital applications should not come at the expense of your customers’ data. Health data and medical records are highly sensitive and maintain high value, unlike stolen data in other industries like credit cards, whose worth reduces over time.

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Protect proprietary algorithms

Medical companies invest millions of dollars developing proprietary algorithms and other intellectual property that needs to be protected. If these algorithms are embedded into applications, it’s important to prevent them from being extracted, analyzed, and stolen.

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Maintain compliance

Regulations such as GDPR, UL 2900-1, HIPAA, EU Medical Devices Regulation, In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Regulation, ISO/IEC 27001, and others, require medical application vendors to protect data and establish processes to ensure system security. whiteCryption application shielding and key protections help you meet regulations without adding to development time.

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Deploy secure device identities

Cryptographically secure device identities enable IoMT devices to be part of trusted ecosystems. Whether a glucose sensor communicating with an insulin pump or an MRI machine in a hospital, medical devices must be secured to ensure patient safety, protect patient privacy, meet regulatory requirements, and minimize liability. Intertrust Seacert’s proven PKI technology provides key management operations that meet the highest standards of security and quality.

Leading health tech firms trust whiteCryption

Healthcare organizations around the globe use whiteCryption to secure their patient data and intellectual property.

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Monitoring and IoMT

IoMT and other wearable devices gather sensitive medical and health data that must be kept secure from extraction. Equally important, valuable proprietary algorithms need to be protected from theft and tampering.

whiteCryption Code Protection and Secure Key Box secure many of the world’s leading wearable health monitoring and drug delivery solutions.

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Telemedicine apps use video, remote monitoring, and other technologies to help doctors provide patient care remotely. Such features also open up multiple pathways for attackers.

It’s critical to protect app code, secure communications end-to-end, and keep keys safe from extraction. Not only are patient trust and privacy at stake, but the brand and legal consequences of a leak can be severe.

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Patient Engagement Apps

Patient engagement apps benefit both patients and providers—facilitating scheduling, helping with medicinal compliance, and improving outcomes.

However, these apps run on mobile phones and PCs that may be compromised. Providers cannot rely on OS protection; they have to embed appropriate security into their applications.

Protect patient safety and data while safeguarding your IP and business

A major health technology and pharmaceutical manufacturer builds security into its IoMT apps.

Case study: major health tech firm

Secure proprietary algorithms and data in a heterogeneous environment

Ensure encryption keys are protected at all times

Comply with regulations governing personal and medical data globally

Embed strong protection without impacting software development process

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Taking steps to protect healthcare applications

Learn about the most common attacks on medical applications and devices and how application shielding and key protection increase security.

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Taking steps to protect healthcare applications

Industry leading solutions for application, encryption key, and device protection

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Make your apps self-defending

whiteCryption Code Protection provides enterprise-grade in-app protection, including advanced obfuscation, anti-tamper technologies, integrity checks, and runtime application self-protection (RASP).

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Protect your keys

whiteCryption Secure Key Box delivers advanced white-box cryptography to ensure secrets and keys remain protected at all times, even when they are being used. Available for both native and web applications, as well as for protecting TLS keys.

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Provision secure device identities

Intertrust Seacert provides cryptographically secure device identities to enable healthcare and medical devices to interact within secure ecosystems. Seacert is both WebTrust compliant and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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