Secure Key Box™

Secure Key Box

whiteCryption® Secure Key Box™

whiteCryption Secure Key Box protects cryptographic keys in DRM systems, games, firmware, client applications, and other types of sensitive software.

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Secure your enterprise with
Secure Key Box™

In today’s open architectures (smartphones, tablets, and desktops), keys are easily found in code or memory. Hackers easily monitor devices with special analysis tools and extract the secret keys. Without efficient key protection, security features can and will be broken.

Keep your keys safe

Secure Key Box employs advanced technologies based on whitebox cryptography. Our powerful Secure Key Box library protects basic cryptographic functions such as key generation, encryption, digital signatures, key agreement and, notably, dynamic key wrapping (import and export). With dynamic key wrapping, wrapped keys are hidden even when targeted to a dynamic key provisioned to a specific device at a later point in time.

Our Secure Key Box whitebox technology ensures that secret keys are always encoded, even during execution.

Keep your keys safe
Secure Key Box

A cryptographic library that
holds itself to the standards

whiteCryption Secure Key Box is intended for any security system that employs cryptographic algorithms and keys executed in an open or untrusted environment.

Secure Key Box™ is a powerful C/C++/Java library that implements the Secure Key Box API, providing an extensive set of high-level classes and methods for operating with the most popular cryptographic algorithms, including DES, AES, RSA, ECC, ECDSA, DH, ECDH, and SHA.

Stay safe with data diversification

All Secure Key Box packages are diversified. Data values protected by one Secure Key Box instance can be directly used only by another Secure Key Box instance from the same package. This ensures that only Secure Key Box instances that have the same unique value can exchange secret data.

Top-level protection for platforms of all stripes


Comprehensive cryptographic library: Secure Key Box is a precompiled library that can simply replace the sensitive algorithms in an original cryptographic module.

Keys are always encoded: Once keys are imported into Secure Key Box, debugging and reverse engineering will not reveal keys in plain form. Algorithms operate directly on encoded keys.

Robust whitebox implementation: The technology behind Secure Key Box is based on a combination of unique mathematical techniques that enable cryptographic computations with encoded keys.

Cost efficiency. The hardware-independent implementation reduces development and maintenance costs.

Broad DRM support: Secure Key Box can be integrated with any DRM system, including CPRM, DTCP, PlayReady, Marlin, Primetime, Widevine, and OMA.

No dependency on security hardware: Secure Key Box is a completely software-based library that can protect secrets on platforms without dedicated security hardware.

Diversification: Multiple Secure Key Box packages can be generated with different binary and data implementations, making it even more difficult for hackers to develop universal tampering schemes.

Configurability: Features that are not needed can be removed from the Secure Key Box code, greatly reducing the binary size.

Safe storage of cryptographic keys: Secure Key Box ensures that cryptographic keys are exported, imported and stored in a unique encrypted format to prevent hackers from reading and altering them.

Support of static and dynamic keys: Secure Key Box can work with both static keys that are embedded in the code and encrypted dynamic keys that are loaded and decrypted at run time.


Development platforms: Linux, macOS, Windows

Target platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Apple TV and others

Supported languages: C, C++, Java


Intertrust whiteCryption® Secure Key Box™ White Paper

Intertrust whiteCryption® Secure Key Box™ Datasheet

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