Personagraph Unites People with the Brands They Love

We convert shared and contextual consumer data into the knowledge that media buyers need to place ads with greater precision and improve their audience intelligence.


Making consumer data truly useful for advertisers and publishers

Agencies and brands can confidently target their audiences with the Personagraph platform. Other existing solutions connect brands to apps and devices. We connect brands to people.

PG Edge is a trusted data management platform (DMP) that securely manages multi-party data. It pairs user authorization, authentication, and security management with advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. PG Edge is available both as a stand-alone SaaS (software as a service) or as a white label product.

PG Axis is a private marketplace (PMP) for mobile app inventory. PG Axis uses a publisher’s audience profiles (e.g. demographics, context, and behavior) to enable precision advertising. PG Axis works with data to improve in-target campaign performance.


Personagraph by Intertrust


  • 1.5 billion known unique devices
  • Machine Learning paired with authentication is powerful
  • Device Graphs – omni-channel audience intelligence
  • Segmenting – in real time
  • Available as a white-label product


  • Videos reach the right audience: relevance replaces nonsense
  • Pre-validated segments give confidence to marketers
  • Mobile App inventory can finally be premium inventory
  • Audience intelligence provided with every impression
  • Publishers now have a scalable solution to discover the value in their audiences

The Personagraph SDK for Developers and Publishers

  • Turns DAUs into dollars
  • Audiences create a lot of data on mobile platforms. But until Personagraph, it was hidden from app makers.
  • App Makers can now understand audience behavior and context. And this is really valuable because it enables precision advertising to mobile app inventory. This should be exciting to developers seeking new paths to profitability.

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