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Get the most from your audience data

Our trusted data platform makes it possible for our customers to manage and onboard first party data securely. We combine CRM data with digital identifiers, creating new omni-channel understanding and device graphs. The result? On-target audience intelligence and insights.

We are uniquely qualified to care for your data

Intertrust invented distributed Digital Rights Management (DRM). We realized that secured data could be conditionally shared or accessed by different people. Or, provided to the same person at different times, places, and contexts. This was a powerful insight.

Trusted Platform

This technology is essential

Today many device manufacturers use Intertrust’s technology when they need to protect critical information. There’s a little bit of Intertrust in every technology platform.  We are proud to secure data for clients around the world — on-premise, on-device, and in the cloud.

Audience Intelligence

Your customer data transformed

Billions of users and devices comprise a massive, impressive, and very useful data set.  Our clients gain useful insights by comparing their audience against our data.

We transform data into information. And we do this by dropping our PaaS solutions seamlessly into your existing workflow offering your marketers new audience intelligence and insights.


We create holistic views of the customer anchored to unique identity

With our partners, we combine user data from many disparate sources. Our customers enhance their siloed first party data with digital identifiers, the device graph, online behavior, and mobile signals. The result? An omni-channel, cross-device, and holistic view of your user. Offline and online worlds blend, anchored by a single unique identity.

Be Confident

Our technology will protect your data

  • We designed our trusted platform to care for the most sensitive data in the world: data about people
  • Chief Privacy Officers and owners of data trust us to secure personal data and be compliant with regulations in every geography
  • We have modeled two billion users and devices from all over the world with the confidence that user data will always be safe.

Please visit the Intertrust Privacy Policy for additional information.

Impressive Match Rates

Let’s process a sample of your audience

You’ll be delighted by the results. ExpressPlay Audience provides:

  • Data on-boarding and processing
  • First-party CRM data matched to digital identifiers
  • Policy drive data governance
  • Audience intelligence
  • Omni-channel user understanding and device graphs
  • And a marketplace to buy and sell data

Contact us. We’ll on-board your sample data and return an incredible match rate.

Data Marketplace

Monetize your data safely

  • Our customers want to monetize their data – but that’s only possible with the right platform. Getting this wrong creates expensive risks.
  • Our Data Marketplace allows owners of 1st party data to provide conditional access to marketers, data scientists, and others.
  • We can help turn your 1st party data into truly valuable information.


Personagraph 2017 Targeted Video Advertising White Paper

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Targeted video advertising in-app is the “holy grail” for businesses and enterprises taking advantage of mobile platform. However, not all data collection is the same.

Learn about:

  • Digital Ad Spend
  • Video Advertising
  • Addressable Media
  • Intertrust’s Data Platform and Programmatic Marketplace
  • And much more…

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