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Connected Home

Intertrust’s suite of products define the future of the automated home

The future is real-time, smart and contextual

Homes are evolving to provide energy efficiency, family security, and increased convenience and comfort. Connected home device shipments are expected to grow faster than smartphones or tablet devices at a compound annual rate of 67% over the next three years, reaching 1.8 billion units by 2019. Now is the time to capture this nascent market.

Smart connected home

Ensuring interoperability

More connected devices inside the automated home creates more communication requiring open standards. Interoperability is the foundation of Intertrust’s products for over 30 years. We help devices intelligently communicate while protecting the data during transmission. Technology only improves our lives (and homes) if it operates smoothly.

Connected devices smart home interoperability

End-to-end protection for consumer confidence

Device manufacturers have demonstrated innovation is possible when devices speak to one another. Our inventions ensure these communications are protected end-to-end bringing a much needed consumer confidence to the market.

Protecting connected home devices

Data Privacy

Is your private information safe?

The automated home represents an exponential increase in the number of Internet connected sensors collecting intimate data from the daily lives of consumers. Intertrusts’s cloud platform acts as an intermediary for sensitive information, ensuring both manufacturers and consumers are protected.

Intertrust’s inventions ensure communications are protected end-to-end


Not only can poor security endanger the privacy of data from connected home devices, there is great concern around the privacy practices of the companies selling these devices.


What happens to data stored in a device if the manufacturer goes bankrupt or if the owner decides to sell it to someone else? Will personal data be protected if the device is sent in for repairs?

Home Efficiency

60% of consumers have concerns about IoT with 62% of expressing privacy as their greatest IoT related concern. It is clear that for the connected home market to succeed, device manufacturers must make addressing privacy and security a top priority.

Home Security

Building trust for where it matters most

Perhaps nowhere is security more important than inside our homes. Security options today are cutting edge with the ability to protect and notify owners on-the-go.