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Consent management

A trusted platform for creating, collecting, and enforcing consent for different categories of users.

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Governed data analytics environments on virtualized datasets

Learn how Intertrust data governance enables secure data access and permissions internally and across organizations and stakeholders.

Is your data in compliance?

As organizations collect and store increasing amounts of customer data, many security and ethical questions arise. Who owns this data? Who can use it? Most importantly, has the customer granted permission to access the data in the first place?

Regulations that cover data protection and usage, such as Europe’s GDPR and California’s CCPA, give customers greater rights to decide whether their data can be collected, and how it can be used or shared. Organizations need a robust consent management solution to define terms of customer data usage to ensure compliance with these privacy regulations. The consequences of non-compliance can be devastating.

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Managing and enforcing consent

When it comes to consent, it’s important to use a data platform that ensures compliance and addresses important concerns surrounding privacy, security, and interoperability. Once consent has been granted, partners and customers need to have flexibility in opt in and out of services. In addition, they must be able to configure the use of their personal data by third parties.

Intertrust offers a comprehensive framework validating user consent data, storing consent data collected by applications, and enforcing consent terms, throughout the data’s lifecycle.

Ensure governed consent management

  • Establish individual and aggregate-level consent management for partners and customers
  • Record, modify, and store consent; understand when, how, and where consent was obtained; update consent in real time
  • Maintain data security and manage a full audit trail
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Provide trusted authentication

  • Enable granular control of consent down to a dataset row, column, or a single cell
  • Validate user consent data prior to sensitive operations
  • Enable fine-grained auditing, monitoring, and control
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Implement comprehensive data governance and administration

  • Grant (or deny) access to data for specific accounts, groups, or organizations. 
  • Maintain regulatory protections and enforce other requirements
  • Generate reports on consent data / enforcement decisions
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Many verticals. One Platform.

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One of the world’s largest distribution system operators partnered with one of the world’s largest automakers in order to improve EV charger and grid planning. They turned to Intertrust for a secure data collaboration and data management platform.

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Energy & utilities

A key challenge with efficient integration of electric vehicles into the distribution grid is controllability. Learn how a major German utility uses Intertrust Platform to balance load spikes caused by mass EV charging.

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Electrification of mobility plays a crucial role in sustainability and emission reduction. Learn how Intertrust is helping promote EV adoption and enabling efficient integration of electric vehicles into the distribution grid.

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