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Data orchestration

Reduce the gaps between the collection, storage, analysis, and use of data for optimized visibility.

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Governed data analytics environments on virtualized datasets

Learn how Intertrust data governance enables secure data access and permissions internally and across organizations and stakeholders.

How efficient is your data processing operation?

As more and more businesses undergo a digital transformation, the amount of data they can collect, store, and analyze is growing exponentially. Unfortunately, all this data is typically in different formats, sources, and locations. Without a sound strategy for handling the data, organizations can fall prey to inefficient business processes, lost developer time, rising costs, and more.

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Future-proof your data infrastructure

Data orchestration uses automated processes to bring together data from dispersed silos and data collection points, combine it, and deliver it directly to those who need it, in uniform formats. It speeds up data flows and prevents data lakes from
becoming unwieldy.

Intertrust Platform is a secure data platform that helps organizations orchestrate their data to provide quicker and more meaningful insights into their business operations. It can easily scale to handle all future data collection and organization.

Ensure secure data interoperability

  • Enable efficient data orchestration across multiple entities and stakeholders
  • Easily ingest and store data in varied formats
  • Connect and correlate internal and external data sources
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Gain actionable insights

  • Securely share sensitive data with pre-authorized partners 
  • Speed up data analysis 
  • Gain full optics into data across silos and clouds
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Implement comprehensive data governance

  • Securely share sensitive data with pre-authorized partners 
  • Maintain GDPR protections and enforce other regulatory requirements
  • Unified data access control to multiple data sources
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Clean energy requires trustworthy data

To compete in a rapidly expanding digital market, utilities and grid operators must revamp their grids and the way they manage data. Read this white paper to learn more about Intertrust’s CleanGrid toolkit and how it enables secure data analysis and data sharing.

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Many verticals. One Platform.

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One of the world’s largest distribution system operators partnered with one of the world’s largest automakers in order to improve EV charger and grid planning. They turned to Intertrust for a secure data collaboration and data management platform.

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Energy & utilities

A key challenge with efficient integration of electric vehicles into the distribution grid is controllability. Learn how a major German utility uses Intertrust Platform to balance load spikes caused by mass EV charging.

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Electrification of mobility plays a crucial role in sustainability and emission reduction. Learn how Intertrust is helping promote EV adoption and enabling efficient integration of electric vehicles into the distribution grid.

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