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Secure Data Science

Bring datasets, analytics, and AI/ML development together in a secure, rights-managed marketplace.

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An Analytics Marketplace that brings together data providers, data consumers, and data analytics developers.

Gathering data is easy. Getting insights is hard.

The Intertrust Analytics Marketplace allows data providers, data consumers, and data analytics service providers to offer, create, share, test, deploy, and monetize from their data-related interests.

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Your data. Their analytics. A perfect match.

Create an online marketplace to match and connect data providers, data consumers, and data analytics service providers using a common, neutral, trusted platform.

Enable rights-managed distribution and consumption of analytical products and curated datasets to consumers, with customizable controls.

Data Providers

Allows Data Providers to publish their selected datasets to either a private or public library using highly controlled and secure Data Virtualization.

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Data Consumers

Explore, discover, evaluate, or subscribe to publicly available datasets. Request access to private datasets from a catalog.

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Data Analysts

Create custom analytical services. Use your machine learning and AI modeling skills. Test and deploy the models in rights-managed, secure execution environments.

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Adding value to data management

See why creating an analytics marketplace is best done using agile, vendor-agnostic, composable, and faster data management tools that leverage governed data virtualization for secure analytics development.

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Many verticals. One Platform.

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A major automotive OEM created new data-driven business models in a controlled marketplace.

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Energy & Utilities

One of Europe's largest energy utilities created an energy retail marketplace using Intertrust Platform.

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A major re-insurer used data from IIoT sensors, field automation systems, and weather stations to automate AI-powered, parameter-based insurance settlements.

A secure, rights-managed marketplace for data providers, consumers, and analytics developers

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