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Intertrust’s suite of products helps automobile manufacturers address privacy and security in the age of the connected car

The automotive digital transformation

Few breakthroughs have the societal and economic impact of the automobile, from ushering in mass-production techniques to altering the urban and rural landscape. Today, the shift to electric, self-driving, and connected cars brings new opportunities and challenges.
The modern car has gone from the combustion engine to a computing machine, with over 100 million lines of code and processing up to 25 gigabytes of data an hour. As connectivity, applications, and features multiply, the complexity of the automotive computing platform greatly increases.
computing machine

Coming soon: a safer, more intelligent ride

The connected car will interact with more cloud-based systems using on-board sensors, predictive intelligence, vehicle-to-vehicle, and vehicle-to-infrastructure (v2x) communications, and artificial intelligence.
connected car

Building trust into connected cars

The increasing number of smart features built into cars is inevitably leading to serious potential security risks. Because connected cars are linked with the internet and its crucial systems are interconnected, hackers have the opportunity to mount a number of attacks at a distance.

Automotive security challenges

Mobile application security

As more automobile manufacturers release mobile apps that communicate with cars, these applications are quickly becoming a major target for malicious behavior. In one instance, security researchers were able to breach a popular electric car’s controls via a poorly secured app. All in all, more than 80% of Android and iOS apps experience cryptographic issues.

Unauthorized vehicle entry

Keyless entry systems provide a new way new way to break into locked vehicles by intercepting communication between the vehicle and the mobile app or wireless key fob. For example, a ring of thieves in the UK hacked keyless apps to steal cars and commercial vehicles, demanding a hefty ransom for their return.

Theft of personally identifiable information (PII)

Today’s connected cars collect a significant amount of data and interface with multiple after-market devices. Financial information, personal trip information, location information and entertainment preferences are increasingly at risk of being accessed through a vehicle’s telematics or infotainment system.

Manipulation of a vehicle’s operation

Catastrophic incidents resulting in personal injury and lawsuits are closer than you think. Cybersecurity researchers have demonstrated they could control the braking and steering of a car by remotely hijacking the adaptive cruise control system.

Overcome them with our security tools

While the proliferation of Internet-based connections in automobiles promises an era of heightened passenger convenience, it also presents significant cyber- and physical safety concerns.

whiteCryption® Software Application Protection

whiteCryption Code Protection from Intertrust embedsinjects self-defending capabilities into your vehicle keyless entry or other connected application. It prevents tampering, reverse engineering and other techniques used by cyber-criminals to gain access to sensitive information and your vehicle app code. Learn more >

Seacert Device Certificate Authority

Devices in automobiles that handle sensitive information need to encrypt the data to ensure security and privacy. Cryptography certificates provide an essential component needed for device and software encryption. Seacert, Intertrust’s certificate authority, issues unique cryptography certificates to millions of consumer electronics and IoT devices used around the world. Learn more >