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Secure Key Box

whiteCryption Secure Key Box protects cryptographic keys in finance, healthcare, automotive and other types of sensitive software.

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Protecting Keys in your Applications with Secure Key Box™

In today’s open architectures (smartphones, tablets, and desktops), keys are easily found in code or memory. Hackers can monitor devices with special analysis tools and extract secret keys. Without effective key protection, security features can and will be broken, communications will be intercepted and trust destroyed.

Keep your keys safe

Keep your keys safe

Secure Key Box is an easy-to-integrate library that employs advanced technologies based on white-box cryptography. Secure Key Box protects basic cryptographic functions such as key generation, encryption, digital signatures, key agreement and, notably, dynamic key wrapping (import and export). Our white-box technology ensures that secret keys are always encoded, even during execution; keys never appear in memory in the clear.

Secure Key Box

A Comprehensive Cross-Platform Cryptographic Library

whiteCryption Secure Key Box is intended for any application that uses cryptographic algorithms and keys running in an open or zero-trust environment.

Secure Key Box™ is a powerful white-box library, providing an extensive set of the most popular cryptographic algorithms. These include DES, AES, RSA, SPECK, ECC, ECDSA, DH, ECDH, and SHA. Custom algorithms can be supported easily as part of a professional services engagement.

Stay safe data diversification

Stay Safe with Data Diversification

All Secure Key Box libraries delivered are diversified. Keys that are exported, stored, and protected by one Secure Key Box instance cannot be used by another instance of Secure Key Box. Internal data is also encoded differently per delivery, ensuring that hackers can’t extract internal data from one app and insert it into another. This diversification ensures that only Secure Key Box instances with the same unique values can exchange secret data — and prevents hackers from gaining access to data. In addition, instances of Secure Key Box can be optionally protected by Code Protection to add an additional layer of protection from tampering.

A comprehensive solution for hardening software applications


  • Keys are always encoded: Once keys are imported into Secure Key Box, debugging and reverse engineering will not expose keys in plain form. Algorithms operate directly on encoded keys.
  • Robust white-box implementation: The technology underpinning Secure Key Box is based on a combination of unique mathematical techniques that enable cryptographic computations with encoded keys
  • No dependency on secure hardware: Secure Key Box is a software-based library that can protect secrets on all platforms without dedicated hardware.
  • Embedded TLS functionality: SKB provides an optional protected TLS stack, ensuring that the keys used in the TLS connection are always protected. If TLS keys can be extracted, it is possible for hackers to eavesdrop into or modify communications. By protecting the keys, your data is kept safe, end to end.
  • Diversification: No two customers can be compromised. Each package is both a unique binary and includes its own root key. Your keys only work for you and not in any other Secure Key Box package.
  • Configurability: Select only the features you need, greatly reducing application binary size.
  • Support of static and dynamic keys: Keys can be delivered statically by embedding them in the application or by generating them dynamically at run time.
  • Customizable Defense Actions: Enables you to configure your protected applications to execute custom callback functions when particular threats are detected.


  • Supported platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, WebAssembly (Wasm), Apple TV, and others

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