Seven Effective Application Hardening & Shielding Methods

Proactive security measures protect your apps by shielding them from an attack. From white-box cryptography to code obfuscation, here are the most common application hardening methods.

Interview with Florian Kolb: Top Innovation Trends in Energy

As part of Intertrust's thought leadership series, Florian Kolb, Intertrust’s Chief Commercial Officer and General Manager, Energy, discusses top innovation mega-trends in energy and the impact of COVID-19.

Securing Encryption Keys in Web Apps

As crypto algorithms get stronger, hackers are shifting their attacks to steal encryption keys instead. Here’s how encryption key security can protect them in web apps.

Using DRM to Keep Gatecrashers from Hijacking Your Video Conference

The dramatic rise in video conferencing has attracted hackers looking to exploit security flaws. Here's how you can use DRM to keep gatecrashers from hijacking your video conference.

What to Look For When Choosing a PKI Service

With tens of billions of IoT devices coming online over the next decade, keeping them secure will be a challenge. Here’s how to select the right PKI service.

Cloud-based DRM Service Lowers the TCO of Multi-DRM Support

Beyond cost, there are additional factors that contribute to the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a cloud-based multi-DRM service. Ultimately, a buy vs. build decision comes down to TCO.

What’s new in whiteCryption Secure Key Box version 5.23

Intertrust released a new version of whiteCryption Secure Key Box that adds white-box for web apps and TLS as well as other upgrades.

Scaling Your Content Protection as Streaming Surges

This past week, reports have shown a significant increase in streaming video viewing around the world, causing the EU to worry about network capacity. Here's how to scale your content protection as streaming continues to surge.

Six Things You Need to Know About OTT Multi-Screen Content Protection

In the OTT multi-screen world, content security equals revenue security, and a multi-DRM service can ensure both.

Solution Spotlight: How Felix Payments Built Security Into Its Payment Apps Without Slowing Time to Market

Felix Payments were seeking to bring a suite of innovative payment processing solutions to market, but faced a number of security challenges. Here’s how Intertrust’s application shielding for payment apps helped.

Accelerating EV charger infrastructure planning

On Feb 11th, Intertrust hosted a webinar, The Key to Electric Cities - Accelerating EV Charger Infrastructure Planning. Read this recap to learn how organizations can overcome data access and data rights management hurdles when it comes to planning for a new EV charger (or any DER) that needs to be grid-connected.

The Healthcare App Security Tips You Missed at HIMSS

With the sensitive nature of healthcare technology, protecting healthcare apps and medical devices is essential. Here are six healthcare application security strategies to consider.