Leave the Complexity of Multi-DRM Technology and Services to the Pros

Building a content security system requires continuous effort and investment in technology to stay ahead of constantly evolving piracy threats and security technologies. Alternatively, if you work with a cloud-based multi-DRM service provider, this process is effortless, as it is part of the multi-DRM provider’s core activities.

Rethinking hardware-backed security in the face of “unfixable” flaws

New hardware vulnerabilities are the new normal, so how can you keep your keys and data safe?

Australia Fires: Deciphering Climate’s Impact with Data

From June 2019 to February 2020, Australia has faced fires with unprecedented timing and intensity. As of January 14, 2020, at least 27 million acres of land have been burned, causing an estimated…

Fighting Deepfakes by Authenticating the Supply Chain

Intertrust’s Yutaka Nagao, Vice-President of Global Technology Initiatives and General Manager, Japan, presented one potential solution to deepfakes: using immutable ledger and other software security technologies to establish a trusted chain of custody to help the viewer determine whether a piece of media can be trusted or not.

IoT Device Security: Five Ways to “Be Secure” and Not Just “Sound Secure”

Industry-leading IoT device security takes a lot more than talking a good game. In this blog, we’ll take a deeper look at what’s needed to be secure.

Privacy by Design: Getting Down to Nuts and Bolts

Privacy by design is achievable by companies of all sizes and there is a return on investment in setting up a PbD program. Here is more info from industry experts.

Connecting the data–the future of distributed energy

DistribuTECH International is North America’s largest conference focused on technologies in the electricity distribution space. We share some insights from the 2020 show, including past and future trends in distributed energy, and the growing need for a trusted data exchange platform.

Hot from RSA 2020: Announcing whiteCryption Secure Key Box (SKB) for Web

Visit us at RSA 2020 to see a live demo of our new crypto key protection solution for web apps.

The “Golden Age” of Streaming Entertainment and the Impact on Content Protection

The "Golden Age of Streaming" is just starting. Here's how it's impacting content protection and digital rights management.

What is Runtime Application Self-Protection?

Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) enables applications to have the ability to detect and defend themselves from real-time attacks.

The State of Mobile App Security in 2020

Apps are taking over, but their security is lagging far behind. Here’s what you need to know about mobile app security in 2020.

Why Reinvent the Multi-DRM Wheel?

OTT video services have many moving parts: The business of streaming is changing continually. The technology keeps evolving rapidly, with new competitors popping up nearly every day. And the industry can’t ignore the fact that revenue is being lost from piracy.