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IoT retail supply chain

Address the unique data and business challenges among participants in the IoT retail supply chain, including production, storage, and distribution companies.

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What do ice cream and vaccines have in common?

Learn how Intertrust helps maintain data authenticity and integrity across the low temperature-controlled supply chain.

Managing data across the supply chain ecosystem

In order to maintain the highest quality standards for the product in question, organizations in the retail supply chain have turned toward IoT data. As a result, IoT data management is critical to all supply chain activities including production, storage, and distribution.

With supply chain issues including lapses in production and a reduced marketplace, what can these multiparty operatives do to maintain the safety and security of IoT devices?

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Solve supply chain issues using data authenticity, privacy, and integrity

Typically, a retail supply chain is a complicated, multi-stakeholder environment that spans multiple industries. Along each step of the chain, IoT devices share information about issues such as maintenance, product integrity, and more. With numerous organizations within the ecosystem, being able to protect the data from malfeasance and share the right data with the right stakeholders is business-critical. 

Intertrust enables retailers, manufacturers, and the transportation sector to maintain strict data governance, IoT device authenticity, and trust in the data itself.

Ensure trusted data interoperability and privacy

  • Maintain authenticity¬† of device identities on site or in the field
  • Create secure communications across internal and external data sources
  • Safely share data with pre-authorized partners across the entire supply chain
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Provide visibility across disparate IoT environments

  • Control data access across all connected data sources, with flexible provisioning options to match your business needs
  • Securely update firmware, reconfigure identities, embed custom attributes, and control access and actions
  • Easily integrate with embedded devices
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Facilitate regulatory compliance

  • Manage a robust audit trail
  • Apply unified data governance across multiple data sources
  • Conform to general and industry-specific regulations, standards, and guidelines
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Create trusted IoT ecosystems

Embed cryptographically secure, extensible identities so that devices can safely authenticate, communicate, interact, and evolve within complex IoT environments throughout their lifecycle.

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Handle complex device identities at scale

Learn how Intertrust PKI secures connected devices in your industry.

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