innogy Ventures discusses data interoperability for energy companies

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By Elisabeth Kindig

In episode 7 of Tech Lightning Rounds, Beth Kindig interviews energy experts to discuss the transformation of the energy industry catalyzed by technology, including cloud, IoT sensors, data exchanges and data interoperability. Interviews are held in “lightning round” format, which are rapid interviews with tech experts for immediate depth on each topic.

For over one-hundred years, the world’s power consumption has been centralized. However, the future of energy is decentralized and this will require data collaboration and data exchanges, which Intertrust offers through our data platform.

In this podcast episode, we interview Florian Kolb of innogy Ventures, the venture capital arm of innogy SE and a subsidiary of RWE, which was founded at the turn of the century. Florian discusses the relevance of data-driven energy business models and why sharing data while keeping ownership is essential for the future of operating critical infrastructure while not compromising important customer assets.

As Florian discusses, energy companies must unlock the value of their data to remain effective and competitive. IoT connections and sensors will provide more information about energy usage in the home and in commercial buildings, and with a protected data exchange, the value of this decentralized data can be unlocked.

Intertrust meets the demand for data interoperability with Intertrust Platform, a platform for data-driven businesses. Intertrust Platform allows energy companies to securely share data within an organization and with partners through features such as cross-cloud interoperability, data management, trusted data exchanges and the ability to build data-driven services tailored to the energy industry.

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