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New Tech Podcast: Tech Lightning Rounds by Intertrust Technologies

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By Elisabeth Kindig


Intertrust Technologies is launching a tech podcast called Tech Lightning Rounds. The host, Beth Kindig of Intertrust, will interview multiple experts on one topic for a 360-degree view. The goal of the new tech podcast is to deliver information quickly in short “lightning rounds” so you can learn about new technologies while you commute, get ready in the morning, while you’re at the gym, or wherever else your busy life takes you.

Tech Lightening Rounds will consist of bi-monthly episodes approximately twenty minutes each and will interview two to three leading experts on topics such as autonomous vehicles, robotics, artificial intelligence, data privacy, machine learning, 5G, augmented reality/virtual reality, digital trust, the future of media and over-the-top entertainment, digital wellness, cybersecurity, and more.

Brevity is one key differentiator of the new tech podcast, as well as reporting on opposing viewpoints and asking tough questions that will help to drive deep discussions from the people who know these technologies and are bringing them to market.

The first three episodes of Tech Lightning Rounds to be released include:

  • Episode 1: Autonomous Vehicles with Intel, Torc and Steer (February 2019).
  • Episode 2: Robotics with Softbank, John Deere, and Robokind (February 2019)
  • Episode 3: 5G with Qualcomm and Mutable (March 2019)